Teacher’s Training

INNOVATE Trainer Course (ITC) is available for franchisees only.

INNOVATE Education International knows there are hundred and one challenges out there right now for teachers. Technology is changing and the new generation is also starting to get harder to understand. We know that you want the best for your students. You need to always be on the watch for new teaching strategies that would improve the quality of learning of your students.

Our aspiration is to train more world-class teachers, in the hope they can ignite other children’s lives in the world.  The world needs good educators who not just teach but also inspire. We understand to achieve this objective, training quality, training materials and methodology must be UNIQUE and different from others.  This means our teaching techniques must be comprehensive, complete, easy-to-understand to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.

INNOVATE provides one of the most comprehensive and intensive Teacher’s Training (Certified Trainer Course) worldwide. INNOVATE has tested and proven its structured curriculum. Simply, we will guide you step-by- step and be assured that you will have an enjoyable experience with us. Having an enjoyable journey in learning is the core value of INNOVATE.

You will have the advantage of training with an internationally acclaimed system, which is far more
superior to those prevalent in the market today!

The ITC was one of the most effective trainings that I have had. Not only did I understand the difference between the one-hand and two hands method, I appreciated how fast the methodology was. The trainer was an expert at what she did. She made the whole training very easy to understand and everything she taught was relevant and systematic. Thank you for the training and giving me the confidence in becoming a teacher. I came here with a bit of doubt as to whether I can handle the challenges with children, but you have made me believe that with skills and practice, any challenges could be overcome. The training was great!


The course is very interesting and interactive. The trainer is excellent who succeeded in engaging the trainees and getting their full attention. The course offers more than what I expected. I find the teaching tips and techniques most useful. There is so much to learn in this training. It is worthwhile!

Anne Marie

The module is very systematic and comprehensive. The trainer was very good in explaining the method of mental arithmetic and in fact made us felt like we have already started teaching - really hands on. I feel I am ready to start opening a centre tomorrow.


I like the training and trainer very much because I really enjoyed learning with the trainer. The trainer made sure we understood by explaining step by step. I need not worry about teaching other students. Thank you, Innovate. Your training is so unique and wonderful – something which I have never learnt before.

Hafez al-Otari

After the training, I am more impressed by Innovate. You live up to the name – Innovate because the training is so special, unique and enjoyable. The trainer has helped me so much. Thank you so much Innovate and the trainer.

Nguyen Trung Hung

Before the training, I already had some basic knowledge of abacus and mental arithmetic. After undergoing the training, Innovate company is the best that use the best abacus methodology and mental arithmetic in my opinion. I have no regret coming to Innovate. Especially the trainer, you are great.


Highly professional trainer and a very organised course. Good use of multimedia presentations. Role play in the training is invaluable for teachers of young children. Values imparted are good for guiding children.

John Harrington
United Kingdom

I enjoy and appreciate the training which makes me now very enthusiastic to start teaching. The trainer is so passionate, approachable who understands my needs. I will not hesitate to recommend Innovate to my friends and relatives.


Overall I am satisfied learning from Innovate. I have been taken good care by the trainer. The training is so extensive which include abacus and mental arithmetic skills, relationships, public speaking, classroom management, how to motivate students and the children and many more. I feel I am more confident after the course, and I can pass my knowledge to others more confidently. I thank the trainer for all the support and courage you have given me.

Mostafa Mohamed

The trainer is very professional, very nice and has easy ways of explaining the course. The trainer has successfully delivered the training and gives out positive energy. I will refer her as a model teacher of Innovate. The training is well designed, with good time management. Also, the trainer is very smart in controlling and steering the class to everyone’s benefit. Thank you.

Fathimah Hussain